Free audio for your games made by me

Hello I’m a music artist and I’m working with FL Studio Producer, if you looking for audio for your project I can made whatever you want.
There’s a two types of music genre which I’m working on.
Electronics (Dubstep)

If you interested send me your gmail here or in the private messages, then I’II send to you two loops of track.

Q: When I get my track?
A: no more than 5 days.
Q: This is full track or demo?
A: Loops for games, loops are really useful with gameplay, for example you can use blueprints to play that loop when character attack enemy or he’s out of combat.
Q: What file format you send?
A: Wave in Stereo (16 bit)
Q: This is already mastered audio?
A: Yes, for loops I use a little bit of reverb and small amount of bass vibration for electronics music.
Q: I should pay?
A: Completly no, I just want to help programmers which looking for audio for thier games.

Have a nice day!