[FREE ASSETS] Alpha Brushes for landscape sculpting

Hi there!
If you are looking for a couple of free high-quality Alpha Brushes in your asset collection and also want to learn how to use them, I’d like to invite you to my tutorial on creating and sculpting landscapes to rapidly improve your environments. Brushes are 16 bit 4K resolution TIF files.

Link to the tutorial: Creating & Sculpting Landscapes in UE4 + FREE ALPHA BRUSHES - YouTube

Download link in the video description.

Thank you
Jakub Hałuszczak


I’ve added two new hilly brushes to have more to choose from, so make sure to check them out. Everything is free.
Thanks :slight_smile:

If anyone is lacking any specific brushes for their project, please let me know!

Hi, can I use these brushes in creating my own game?