Free archviz interior (Red Room) (26 asset)

Hi All

I was working on a project for the last couple of weeks that i intent to release it for free so you can you use it on your commercial project/game , its interior design made all by me in 3Ds max except 2 asset i used from realistic render and some texture and material from that scene too , i will be happy to see your C&C as i might able to make it better , i will release it in the next few days once i finish cleaning it and add some improvements .

If you like this scene and you might use it on your project/game then please like my Facebook page which i will appreciate it a lot and it motivate me to do more free stuff in the future may be as it took me a lot of time :slight_smile: .

This scene contain 26 asset .

Here is my Facebook which i will update the state of this project and release it in the next few days and and may be add more to it and release some other free projects in the future .

Edit :
Here is a video i made hope you like it , i might add VR in the feature if people like it and if i got one .tell me guys what do you think ?

And here is executable package if anyone like to try it : (alt + enter to get full screen)

Thanks for your time , and i will appreciate your feedback .

edit : Download link to the project file , sorry for being late and hope you guys enjoy using it as much as i enjoined making it :

Download link to the project file added .

Nice! thx for sharing!

How do i download it?
I’m new pls no hate