Free Animation Toolkit for Maya LT users

Dear Community,

I would like to share my Maya LT animation toolkit with you for free. Download link: GoogleDrive


  • Creating custom animations
  • Importing and editing animations from Unreal Engine 4
  • Switch between FK and IK

If you have any issues with the toolkit, or wish to add other features please let me know by answering this topic.

Hope you enjoy!

Thank you

Indants Studio

Features video Maya LT 2017:

Features video Maya LT 2018:

Thank you so much for your work! This is amazing! I thought Maya LT users are doomed without the official ART from Marketplace. The only thing I can’t understand is the ikFkSwitch. How does it work?

Sorry for the late reply we haven’t received notifications. So if you click on ikFkSwitch you see the settings in the top right corner. 0 means it’s turned off, 1 means turned on. Just replace the 0 with 1 and it will be turned on. This function is switching parts of the skeleton between ik and fk modes.

It took me too long to find this. I’ll share it, thank you