[Free] Animated Anime girl character

Found this free character on the web - was targeted for a different engine, but since it included FBX it works fine in UE4 as well…

I started converting the animations - still a bit crude, but run/jump/idle are already quite OK so far.

Original website:

I uploaded the whole project - 3rd Person Template with the modified animation blueprints.

Around 25MB


It looks cool! Did you use the default Mannequin skeleton?

However, I can’t download it on zippyshare. The download button just led me to another web site. Can you upload it to another site?

The License for that stuff:

Hentai (just kidding… Japanese :P):

Not sure if you can use it for ue4 etc.

EDIT: Lol… actually… did you take a look at the Page?

“Copyright © 2013-2016 Unity Technologies Japan G.K All Rights Reserved”

and their Contact Info:

I am pretty sure that we (UE4-People) are not allowed to use that stuff, like Unity-People are not allowed to use Stuff from Epics Store.

Nah it came with a custom skeleton and animations, so kinda all-in-one pack.

The license doesn’t say anything about which engine you have to use, basically it just says that you can’t use it for porn, political statements and other profanity. I don’t see any paragraph that states you have to use it in unity…

As I know, you can’t use this model in commercial projects.

Not true, the license does not forbid commercial projects - they only say something about “profit-oriented adult-only content” which i would translate as “porn game”…

So I guess it’s fine to use it for free **** games / media :stuck_out_tongue:

Really should e-mail the company and ask if it can be used for commercial projects. I don’t see anything about “has to be used with Unity engine only”, but I’d question commercial exploitation.

Well they supplied the license. Not my fault they don’t disallow commercial projects or other engines (Which is indeed dumb looking at their background…). But feel free to mail them.

Well, it’s a pity. It would be interesting to see a character designed for competitor’s engine used in UE4. Anyway, thanks for your help.

I am looking for character meshes working with the default UE4 skeleton for my personal project of fighting game. I know I may retarget animations against her skeleton. But I have more than 100 animations/montages in use so I prefer not to do so.

Do you have any character mesh whose skeleton can be assigned to the default UE4 skeleton? How about Jim?

Jim and the bikini girl were made in Makehuman using the game ready skeleton which is the same as UE4. When retargeting animations you just need to check the mapping. Somehow auto-mapping is pretty dumb in Ue4, like sometimes it maps middle_02_l to middle_02_r and such. No idea why the automapping is so stupid, the names of the bones are all correct.

Actually i didn’t even check the Skeleton of Unity Chan since she already came with animations. But i guess it’s also a pretty standard humanoid skeleton. If you just wanna see her used in UE4 then download my example. :slight_smile:

If by “Stuff from Epics Store” you are referring to assets provided for free by Epic specifically and annotated accordingly with an exclusion clause (i.e. “only for use with UE4”) then you are on track, but don’t make the mistake to assume that content bought on the Unreal Marketplace (aka “Epic’s Store”) is by default limited in any way to the engine. It is not. Same goes for the Unity Store. Read the license in question, abide to it and you are fine.

Ironically Unity seems to be more liberal with their assets.

See this FAQ entery here:

And the Unity-Chan character is even available outside of the unity store, so i didn’t even need to install unity (I used a unity unpacker) or agree to their store terms.

Just got reply from Unity-Chan folks - commercial usage is allowed (but as long as you comply with license terms).

I wish they had all other characters available too :frowning:

So no porn games… XD

There are more characters on the site - i already thought about converting the pop singer one - very cute.

Where did you get them? I downloaded their asset pack (red download button in the top right corner), but it seems that only Unity-Chan is the only one there.


The Candy Rock star looks pretty cute, i think imma convert her next week and play around a bit…

By chance, any progress with this project ?

So this character is CC0 as to full fair use?

Always interested in adding rigged characters to my collection but more interested in the animations. If CC0 compatible would be worth doing the clean up work and would be more than happy to share a UE4 compatible set.

I have uploaded the Candy Rock star character here:

Sorry that it took so long - but I wanted to make the hair a physical simulation as it looks much better that way than a static hair. Imported the morphs, so you can actually animate the face expressions. Also had to fix the hands, skeleton, rig, etc.

Awesome work @Fronzelneekburm !!!