[FREE] Advanced Time of Day Blueprint

Hello everyone! So i’ve been wanting to give back to this amazing community for a while, so i thought i’d share my time of day blueprint with you guys! not sure if there’s any interest in this, but we’ll see :slight_smile:

Preview 1:
Preview 2:

DOWNLOAD: Dropbox - - Simplify your life

Before following these instructions, be sure to drag the EarthTimeOfDay_BP into the level and be sure to have a DirectionalLight, AtmosphericFog, ExponentialHeightFog and Skylight in your scene.
I’ll show you how to get the blueprint to work and how to modify it, with these pics:

EDIT: You have to enable Atmosphere / Fog Sun Light in your DirectionalLight to make it work! to do that, select your DirectionalLight, then in the “Light” section there’s a down arrow at the button, when you’ve clicked that you can see the “Atmospheric / Fog Sun Light”, then tick the box. Also be sure to set your DirectionalLight and Skylight to movable and set the DirectionalLight to “Cast Dynamic Shadows” as well. Also set big assets there are affected by the sun to movable, but be careful as it hits performance.

If you need any help, just comment down below, and i’ll try my best to help you. I’ll update it whenever i make any big improvements. All the best and enjoy :slight_smile:

Oh yeah and be sure to set your DirectionalLight to movable and set it to “Cast Dynamic Shadows”. Also set your Skylight and all your outdoor assets to movable. Enjoy!

Thanks dude! This is pretty cool!

I would advise against making every single thing movable, performance takes a hit.

No problem, hope you enjoy it! :slight_smile:

Yes my bad, only big assets that are affected by the sun.

For some odd reason I am not able to put in this blueprint. Or if I can by means of putting it in through the explorer it won’t detect it.

Try to close UE4, then drag the blueprint to you your desktop first, then drag it into your content folder, then start UE4. That should work :slight_smile:

Alright I’ll try that, thanks again for the amazing free assets!

It’s still not working, I was of course able to put the folder in the game with the asset, but when I went into my project the asset wasn’t there. I even tried just dragging in the asset but it would say “uasset unknown extension”

Ok i’ll try to explain it better: When you’ve downloaded the blueprint, drag the blueprint asset out of the zip file into your desktop. When you’ve done that, make sure UE4 is not opened and drag the blueprint asset from your desktop into your Content folder (in the file explorer). Then open UE4 and it should be there. If you’ve done that, it most definitely should work, because that’s how you do it :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for this knowledge sharing !!

Hi there!

Thank you for sharing this, I downloaded and tryed but I having some problems to adjust parameters; mainly, I can not make the nights look like night, they the sky is too bright specially in the horizon. Any tip to achieve better nights?

In case someone would like to know, I kind of solve that by changing Exponential Height Fog color to something darker during night, in Blueprints.

I know this is years old, but Im using this day night cycle, and having the same issue as above, doesnt quite look like night. Im new at all this, can someone point me in the right direction of fixing it.

You might wanna make the exponential height fog darker at night, you can do that by following the 4th, 5th and 6th image in the original post, then just instead of editing the Temperature, edit the ExpFogOpacityTL and lower the value at time 500 and 2100 (check attached pic). Another thing you can do is add your SkySphereBP to the Time of day BP (similar to the directional light, height fog, etc.) and lower the brightness values of that during night.

If you have any other issues with this or have any other questions related to ue4 dev, feel free to drop in my discord server, i’m more active there and there’s lots of other helpful devs there as well :slight_smile: