[FREE] AAA Quality Horror Game Monster (Animations and AI Included)

What’s up again guys!

It’s been a long time since I posted anything, I’ve been working on my game and getting a loan for a new house here lately, now since that’s done (for right now) IT’S TIME AGAIN! Today I’m giving all you people a horror creature I worked on for a while. Completely free to use for any purpose you might see fit. All I ask is that you give me credit, somewhere, anywhere…just don’t lie and act like you made it, if anybody asks lol.

In this pack I’m also giving you the AI setup for the creature, with all the materials, and blended motion captured animations, it then chases and attacks once it gets close and sees the player. Then there’s also the super high poly version of the model so that you can do any further sculpting you might need on it. All the textures are 4K too, really tried to stick to the whole AAA quality style here and it took me about 80 hours to complete.

Here’s some pictures and a video presenting the guy…



And here’s the links:
Game Ready Mesh and Animations (FBX):

4K Character Textures:

Blender .blend File:

UE4 Monster Character Project: (Just drop the unpacked folder into the My Document\Unreal Projects folder on your computer)

UE4 Monster AI Project File:

Super High Poly Mesh:

Enjoy…GAME ON!

Very cool. Thanks.

Very nice work! Thumbs up!

Amazing! Love your content! It’s better then anything you can buy and at the same time … free. You contribute alot to the community, so even hobby Unrealists can create something from scratch and eventually get deeper into actual Asset/Game creation :slight_smile:

Thanks guys and Thanks Tymax, it’s nice to hear things like this about my work. If any body ends up making something out of it, upload some pics, I wanna see that stuff. :slight_smile:

Tryin to finish and upload the AI project by tomor, but it looks like it’s gonna get pushed back a day or two.

Interesting character design.

They look like some sort of human-goat hybrid demon to me.

Im doing an mmorpg POC and will use this model later on in the game, refering to it as “abomination” :slight_smile:
Still a long way to go in terms of optimization, but this awesome offer already eases my mindset a little!

Will upload pics when there is actually something to see, which might does take a few more months from now.

AaronWith2As, thank you. Exactly what I need for my short movie. You will be credited on IMDB, the internet movie database.
Only missing some animated crows of same quality- do you have an idea where I should look?

Very scary looking character, lovely animation work!

Thanks a lot for sharing! :slight_smile:

Tymax, what are you shooting for in a round about area of poly count? I can whip up something for ya and future guest to this post. This was made with the intention of having him as a central single enemy in like a survival horror type of game…similar to Amnesia. But I can see how the ~65k poly count could be heavy with a lot more going on, on screen besides just an interior scene…so gimme some ideas (LOD0 Polys through to LOD1 range) and I can do some of the heavy lifting for ya.

That’s sweet rotwang, ain’t ever had something of mine featured in a movie, really looking forward to seeing your work! Probably look on Turbosquid or the marketplace for something, but then the animation work will most likely not already be done if it’s Turbosquid.

Please more links, i cant download((((

OMG, You rock. Bless you.

thanks man, looks great!

mind if i use it for my game im working on?

Hey I used the ai for a game and the ai yelled on seeing the player but now I redownloaded it and it’s not yelling and it’s only running at the player

Has anyone used this asset? I like the way he yells at first when seeing you , but there is a delay after he yells , before he runs after you. I am trying to find a way to remove that delay so he runs to me right away when he yells.

hi AAron , just checking if its ok to put your project and name in my game credits section.

I know it’s been a while since this was released, but are there any newer updates to it? Or maybe some modifications anyone has made? I’m using it for a class working in UE, and it’s a rare free/ready to use AI character. I’ve just had less than great results trying to modify the chase/attack to something more useable. Also haven’t been able to remove or modify the scream after seeing the player without breaking everything.

Hwo do you import this to unreal?