Free 6 pack of HQ floor Textures/materials

Hello everyone,

I have over 2000 textures/materials and thought that I would share a few of them with you. Please feel free to use these however you like! Included are textures in 2048x2048 format including heightmaps and normal maps. I will be releasing more so let me know if you guys can use them.
Download Link:


Your welcome… Please everyone that downloads post feedback so we know whether or not to release more to you guys

Thanks a lot! Looks really great

I will post more to the community in the next few days. We have a lot of textures/materials compiled from various free and paid non license required sources that we will not be using so we are handing them out to people that can make use of them.

This is really appreciated ! I can think of a few places to use these in my current project. Anything else you have is always great. Even if I don’t find a use for it I’m sure someone else down the road will.

work on 4.14? Thanks

Yes works on all versions.

thank you man

plese update the link

update the link pls