[FREE] 3D Medieval Light Assets


I have made some 3D medieval light assets to use in Unreal Engine 4.
Contains a few different types of light assets.
There are two chandeliers and they are rigged and can be moved with physics.
Materials are also pbr ready, contains diffuse, ambiet occlusion, gloss, metalness, normal, and specular maps.

There is also a CandleFlame mesh which can be placed on the models to simulate a candle, you will just need to make it look at the player.
I’ll add the scene files by the end of next weekend.

Here is the link of the zip file for the models.

Preview image 1:

Preview image 2:

wow! thanks a lot man!

Hey Funnynel42,

Just thought I’d comment and say that these look great! Thanks for providing free assets for the community too! :slight_smile:

thank you:)

oh nice those look great!

Thx for sharing. Will test them as soon as possible -> will test my wax shader + candle fire particle :smiley:

Awesome… thanks man!

Thank you very much, these look great. By the way, what’s the license on these objects? Is it CC0 or something more restrictive? Is it fully safe to use them in a [hopefully] commercial indie project as is?

Yeah, it is fully free, no restrictions to using them.
If you do decide to use them, feel free to send me a screenshot of where you used them, I would like to see where it is being used.
Other than that, it is free to use in any way you want to.

Those assets look very very nice :smiley:

I presume each mesh have a proper collision model, good UV’s and all ?

Many THX for sharing :slight_smile:

It’s so awesome, very big thanx you :slight_smile:

Thank you!!! :smiley:

Really good job!! thank you :slight_smile:

Kia ora

Thank you very very much man

Thank you very much, so good!