[FREE] 150 completely free songs and sound effects you can use in any personal & commercial project!

How to download the songs?

You can download all of them in one RAR file by following this Bandcamp link.

What about the license? (CC BY 4.0)

You can use any song in this library in anyway you want, be it as a sound effect in your game or as a background music in one of your Youtube & Twitch videos, even commercially. If you’d like to find more information about the license, please check this link. Providing an appropriate credit (Either Composed by or is required.

What is the future of this library? How can I support it?

I’m planning to expand this library’s content as much as possible, and doing so takes a great amount of time, and calls for new virtual instruments and tools to create songs in rich and different sound. Due to this reason, I created a Patreon page if you’d like to support this project. By becoming a Patron, you’ll get access to the loop files, songs, sound effects and soundscape recordings that are not included in the public library hosted on Bandcamp.

Some Other Notes

The album is constantly updated, so I would suggest checking it weekly if you’re regularly in need of new music. Almost any song in the album can be looped. You can use a free software such as Audacity to do so and refer to its manual to learn more about how looping is done.

Feel free to ask if you guys have any questions.