[FREE] 128 Textures From Pixar (1024x1024)

Just noticed Pixar are giving away textures they created in 1993 for free with bump and normal maps (1024x1024). I’m sure someone will find them useful :smiley:

Awesome…thanks for sharing…

Thanks for the heads up! Very cool, going to see some time if these textures can be blown up to 2048 using Photoshop’s free transform and bilinear/point settings for 2048x2048 resolution.


Also checked out your website Steven T, beautiful work

Thanks Zenrok :slight_smile:

I will re-upload them, since they are in .tif format UE4 will not accept them. I’ll redistribute them as pngs. I believe i’m within the CC 4.0 licence to do so.

Link to Redistribution. <- PNG Zip

The only changes made were a file format conversion to png from tiff. I used bulk image converter to change the format.

Pixar One Twenty Eight by Pixar Animation Studios <- Original link

Yes SaxonRah, you are correct under your license. Just make sure you give the correct credit back to Pixar in your post above. I normally include the link back to the original files just to be safe. 8-}

Just be careful about the license:

The most important clause in this license is:

Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

:)~ Thanks allot for the help! <3

Thank you so much Steve_T :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot SaxonRah!