[FREE] 10GB of sound files, from Sonniss.com

Well, Sonniss released a 10GB download initially intended just for GDC people, and like a raptor on the flock, the internet descended. Sonniss don’t mind, and mirrors are popping up everywhere, and torrents are being seeded with their blessing.

Have a look here:

The original page is here, but don’t expect to download it from there anytime soon.


Holy smokes. That’s pretty amazing. Ever since Unreal went free to the public free stuff just seems to be coming out of the woodwork.

Looks like a handy download - pity my Australian internet will cry…

Holly ****, this amazing! Thank you very much; my audio library is not the greatest…

It’s incredible, isn’t it? Everything from weapons and injury sounds, shouts, music, ambient crowd stuff, footsteps, the works!

50% and downloading, Thankssss!!

FYI, there is a torrent also - http://sonniss.com/GameAudioGDC.torrent

Holy mother of god, this GDC2015 is mindblowing to say the least D:

this is great! thanks for sharing

Grabbing the torrent! But I want to confirm the license on this. The description on the site says “10.27GB (646 files) of high-quality sound effects from many of the best sound recordists and designers in the entire industry. It’s worth thousands of dollars and contains pretty much every sound effect you will ever need…And then some! If you like or use any of the files contained in this collection, please consider purchasing the associated libraries.” And the license type to the side says “Royalty Free”, so that means free to use in commercial projects?

did anyone you have problems importing this sounds to UE4?
im having this message

Failed to import ‘[mypath] raffic, discrete car passes on narrow street, daytime, summer, ORTF stereo.wav’. Failed to create asset ‘/Game/Sound/traffic__discrete_car_passes_on_narrow_street__daytime__summer__ORTF_stereo’

Contentgeddon, i just finished sweeping various platforms for 3D stuff, yesterday i listened hours to public domain classic music … now this … awesome, thank you so much!

I haven’t tried importing this yet, but it looks like it could be the problem with overly long pathnames. Try moving the files into the root directory or renaming them (and possibly their containing folders as well) into something shorter.

thanks for sharing it, very good!

Thank you so much for this heads up and links an awesome resource. :slight_smile:

For those of you put off by the torrent link, the rush has died down enough for them to have spare slots on their own website. (You may need to keep checking back, as they have 100 slots every 4 hours, but the page will tell you immediately if you can start downloading, no need to keep trying and waiting for a timeout).


Also the commas and spaces which asset names can’t have :slight_smile:

As I recall, the engine automatically replaces those with underscores during the importing process. I’m betting it has to do with the fact that all Windows OS usually have some serious issues with files’ pathname string lengths exceeding 256 characters.

Wow, thanks for the link. Audio is something I really struggle to find decent sources and I’m no sound engineer. Downloading now!

Downloaded this and checked it out. These are freaking awesome! Thanks a bunch!