Freakish scaling during animation trigger

Hi I’ve asked for help on these forum’s before, and no reply. I am not expecting one this time either, but Figured I give it one last shot.
I made a controller/game Mode including forward backward left right jump and crouch movements that did it’s job and moved my character minus animation’s.
I then made a key input event saying play (insert animation) from this game mode.
Upon compiling with no errors it worked but my characters scaled during the animation about 10 times its normal size.
Can anyone help me with this? It scaled uniformly for all that’s worth.
Any and all help would be appreciated.

You seem to be approaching this in an odd manner? Most people create a character controller blueprint and assign a mesh and animation blue print. There are lots of examples of this which epic provides.
The obvious question is are you sure your animation works on the same skeletal mesh you are using?

Hi Edcates.
Yes I am sure the work on the same skeleton its a Mixamo skeleton but it seems the scale and orientation gets messed up pretty easily when importing to unreal.
I dont think its that odd of a way to do it I mean I make a blueprint for a game mode with the controls I want instead of say re-targeting to the unreal 3rd person skeleton.
Then I made a blue print for a character ensure world settings and game mode setting along with mesh are all correct in my player/character blue print then try and create a animation blue print and blend spaces and for actions like like punching or stuff that can be played delayed and return to character idle state. The solution I found was I needed to scale the Animations to match my character after import as for some reason I was going from centimeters to meters. I would love it if Unreal had a full blown this is how to make a character and game mode from scratch using this amazing blue print system we got so your character/ player/ skeletal mesh asset can run jump crouch swim fall prone, walk, idle climb etc with out having to make a bunch of blend spaces and blends. Thanks for your reply Edcates you’ve restored some faith in the community.