Freaking Exhausted Arcade

We just released our first app!
A bundle of 3 games! We are planing to add more content in the next weeks.

Have fun with these simple and good looking games made in Unreal Engine 4!

The games:

Drone Trouble
try to get through as many pipes as possible without crashing!

Infinity Climber
Infinity Climber - A randomised game. Try to get as far as possible and dodge different type of traps!

Stellar Invaders
A retro styled top down shooting game. Try to survive as many waves as possible while finding cool power ups!

• 3 Insane and fast games in one app (more content and games coming!)

• Achievements and we will add even more as time goes!

• Leaderboards! See how you score vs your friends and worldwide. (Also why we need the extra permissions…)

We had a lot of fun making the app and loved using Unreal Engine 4 :slight_smile: