"Fraps has been known to crash D3D11"...No it hasn't.

“Fraps has been known to crash D3D11”…No it hasn’t, this is a very specific issue only caused by trying to capture the render window above a certain resolution.

This was only a problem on Windows 7, for example trying to capture a screenshot or video using FRAPS at 3840x2160 would cause a game crash.

Windows 10 has corrected this problem using updated versions of D3D that Windows 7 does not have.

Considering FRAPS works fine on Windows 10 without previous issues, you can remove the signon message “fraps has been known” from future builds of URE4.

Considering it took someone as stupid as me to figure something out that Epic Fail Games couldn’t figure out, you should put me in charge at Epic. First thing I’d do is delete Fortnite.