Framerate not dropping, but game still looks choppy sometimes

I’ve noticed that even when my FPS stays locked at 60 without any drops (rendering “stat fps” to check) the game still can look pretty choppy at times. Anyone else ever experience? What could give that choppy effect outside of FPS drops?

I thought maybe it was my camera lag, but turned that off and nothing changed :confused:

I should note, this was observed while PIE. If I run Stand Alone, it doesn’t seem as bad…if it’s happening at all. Are PIE framerate stats a lie?

Maybe something with framerate smoothing? vSync? I don’t know much about that. These are my current framerate settings and vSync is set to default (off).

“stat fps” (and stat unit) display a 10-frame average so if your game is seeing the occasional large spike it may be smoothed out of the numbers being shown. “stat raw” will display raw values, along with a handy graph.

Framerate stats in PIE are accurate to that mode (and there are valid reasons to optimize for PIE), but generally both PIE and the standalone game will exhibit worse performance than a packaged build. Loading, spawning, and garbage collection all tend to perform worse in PIE/standalone due to the additional sanity checking and unoptimal code paths required for development builds.

The name “Framerate smoothing” is a little misleading and could be more accurately called “tick rate smoothing”. If your game is likely to experience large discrepancies in framerate (e.g. 30-120fps) this option will smooth out the values used for object ticking so they “tick” with more consistent values. The Min/Max are used to keep the smoothed valued within those bounds.

My general recommendation for games would be vsync on (which locks the game to a multiple of the devices refresh rate) and framerate smoothing off. If you are concerned about performance on low-end machines then scalability settings can help reduce

Thanks for the info, Andrew! Much appreciated!