Framerate issues when playing any game on Unreal Engine with AMD cards.

Hello everyone.
As comes from the title, i have framerate issues when trying to play any game which runs on Unreal engine on AMD cards. How it looks:
After launching the game, i have one static frame, but i can hear background music and can interact with menu buttons, but the game just stays in one frame. However if i alt+tab from the game and come back, the frame is changing on another one but its still like playing with 0-1 fps. Any other game which is not running on unreal engine is working perfectly. I am having this issue for a very long time. Before buying a new card(RX 570), i was having R9 270 and games on unreal engine were running fine until i updated driver after ver. 17.1.1. And when i bought a new videocard(RX 570), i tried to install the oldest available driver but the issue still persist.
What i have tried so far:
1)Completely removing driver by a Display Driver Uninstaller and installing back
2)Change FPS limit with AMD radeon settings program.
3)Reinstalling windows updates and DirectX
I contacted AMD before creating topic here and they did not managed to fix my issue and told me to contact developers of the game(but since its happening with every game on unreal engine i dont think the issue is bound the the games.). Hope you have a possible solution for me. Let me know if i need to provide additional info.
The list of games where i have a problem:
2)Dead By Daylight
3)State Of Mind
4)Playersunknown’s battlegrounds.
P.S Apologies if i created a thread in wrong subforum or in the wrong place at all.

If you are on Windows 10 then turning off Game Mode might fix it. I had a similar problem with it before.

Its turned off for me.(i dont have xbox app installed so there is no button or option “game mode”)

I have a little update: I tried to launch the game Downward(which is running on UE 4) and the game is running perfectly.( i thought what every game on UE is run bad for me but just discovered this). Maybe it will help somehow find the reason. In the meantime, im trying to reach developers of the games to see if they can help me.