Framerate Independent Recoil

Hey all,
So i’m trying to create a smooth recoil system (one that moves the camera upwards) which I initially did by using a timeline and lerping a value that is plugged into an Add Controller Pitch Input node which I thought worked until I realised that the higher the framerate the more updates, meaning higher recoil.
I tried adjusting the amount that would be added to the input based on Delta Seconds and this sort of made it better, but it’s still not perfect and there is a variation in the recoil amount. The final thing I tried was lerping the control rotation to a target point which, as you would expect, did work to a certain extent but you can’t pull the mouse down to counteract the recoil because it’s trying to get to a specific rotation, so no matter what it will always get there.

I did try variations on the above because I have been at this for a while, so I haven’t mentioned every detail of what I have tried. I was just wondering if anyone else has stumbled across this problem and has a solution to it.
I’ll be implementing it in Blueprints but if any methods require C++ they would still be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance :smiley: