Framerate drops whenever Unreal render window looses focus


I have created my own GUI control panel system using Visual studio and it communicates with Unreal via TCP sockets.

My goal is tohave a cotrol panel where an operator could control a VR experiment on another screen.

The problem I get is whenever the user clics on the GUI, framerate drops in Unreal rendering and in runs very slow.

Is there a way to cirxumvent this issue ?

I haveve tried starting my GUI under my unreal app using CreateProc, but I get the same results.

I have also tried building my GUI under Unreal (this is the veryfirst thing I did), but I also get the same result.

So far, the only option seems to run the GUI on another computer.

Any idea or change of paradigm proposition would be welcome.


Hey there, what you’re seeing is answered here:…cused-454.html

UE4 uses less CPU when backgrounded, which is the case when you’re focusing other window.

If you don’t want to configure this, you would have to make the GUI window be part of the unreal process, you could maybe manage to do that creating a runtime plugin to run that process and use slate to build everything inside

Wow, HeavyBullet. you basically saved my life :slight_smile:

This option does exactly what I want.

Now lets hope that t will still work with a packaged project, since it seems to be a feature of the editor, I have no idea on how it will propagate to an executable app… lets see :slight_smile:

Well, seeing that those are Editor configs, they shouldn’t work on a packaged game… in that case i think the best way to go is to either test it and see how the FPS responds, or do a more “internal” solution as previously stated