Framerate drops on Menu and Tooltips

Hi all,

I am experiencing heavy framerate drops while using the Unreal Editor. It only appears if I hover over “Tooltips” or using the Navigation Menu. Basically I have 120 Frames constantly but if a tooltip appears it drops to 5-7 Frames per second.

My system:

Intel i7 5930K
32GB Ram
Windows 10 64Bit
3 Way SLI 980 GTX TI (I have already tried using UE with only one card - no change)

I have all newest drivers installed.

Hey NeoMiles,

I have two posts with possible solutions for you:

  1. EVGA Precision X Software
  2. Clear Windows Notifications

If those don’t help, we can go from there.


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Hi !

I have tried both. Dont have EVGA Precision installed.

Unfortunately no change :frowning:

Do you have any other GPU tuning software running?

Hi ,

no I have no tuning software installed. :-/ It is really strange … I have no issues at all with the system except for this.

I still suspect this could be a software conflict of some sort. Can you think of any software that you have installed that could possibly conflict with your PC rendering something on screen.

The strangest things can cause issues like this. See our Software Conflicts page for an idea of what kind of software can be problematic.

Also, would you mind sending along your dxdiag info? I’d like to put my eyes on some info that’s in there.