Framerate drops on input

So I am having issues with my frame rate and gameplay.

I am writing out a text file on a player input (so another program can read that) and every time I press that input my frame rate drop and negatively affects my gameplay by messing with the collision among other things. I have no idea what is causing this or how to fix it.

That’s 's plugin it looks like. Next time use that for a tag or something. If anything, try to ask in his forum’s post or PM him, it might be much faster response. Also make sure that he indeed has a 4.13 implementation up and that is the plugin you are using not an upgraded project from 4.12.

Hey Xanitsu,

I/O is an expensive operation to be running. You are going to see a negative effect on your game if you run it on input events for your game.

I would suggest storing your input data some other way, such as in an array, and then saving it to the file when the player hits a save point, or something like that.

I don’t know if that would work for what I am doing (it could and I will try it). But I am having an outside application read/write to the text files I am creating in UE4. Then UE4 is looking at the text files for change and run an event based on the change.

I am testing it on 4.13.0 and 4.12.5 but I should have mentioned that I am using the Victory plugin and am sorry for not.

You might have to re-think how that system works. IO is an expensive task and if you do it a lot, your game will struggle.

I am having a hard enough time getting UE4 to communicate with the outside application I am working with. Using IO was the only way I could think of doing it (I am not a C++ programmer unfortunately). Any suggestions?