Framerate drop when moving camera

So this started happening with the latest update. Each time I move the 3rd person camera (to adjust it to my liking) my framerate suddenly drops to 20 fps or so until I restart the engine. When I launch the game it’s fine however, but when I’m editing my level and moving around, it’s painfully slow. What could be causing this? :mad: This also happens when I click the third person character.

Could be the selection outline. Uncheck it in Editor Preferences. You can use selection brackets instead.

Nope that didn’t change anything saddly. However as soon as I deselect the character my FPS are back to normal. This only happens when clicking the 3rd person character.

The 3rd Person Character has a Scene Capture Component. When you click on it, you can see what it renders. So now you’re rendering the scene twice hence the frame drop. You can disable real-time rendering of the viewport to solve this.

Edit: It’s actually a Camera Component not a Scene Capture Component, but it doesn’t matter.