Framedrops while rotate camera with mouse

when i rotate character via arrow keys game runs smooth = almost anytime 120 fps
when i rotate character via mouse it also runs smooth but as soon as i change the rotation direction f.e. from left to right, i get massive framedrops!
this does not happen when turning and changing turning direction via arrow keys.

how could i debug this to get rid of that framedrops?

Best regards

This should not be happening. Post the screenshot of the blueprint responsible for mouse rotation that produces the issue.

Thanks for your response, hope it helps

The editor just crashed, and after a restart it seems to be not such massive drops anymore, but its still there, while rotating with mouse. Its not going under 110 fps now, but when i rotate with arrow keys it keeps steady 120 fps alltime!

Nah, that looks solid. Can you reproduce this behaviour in a new, clean project.

If your map is nearly empty, there really should be no difference whatsoever. :expressionless:

cant reproduce in new project, i guess its something i messed up in my project