Framedrops when BP-Scripting ?

Hey Guys…

I`m working on a House Builder for my Game at the moment (3rd Person) . The Blueprint is down there.

When Im working in the BP my Frames drop from 120 to 45 (??) . When i close the BP Window and work in the Editor without having the Window open its allright. No Framedrops when using the Construction Script in the actual Game. Any Ideas ? The Problem is that my PC starts to lag when the BP gets larger (and it will definitely) .

Thanks in Advance.


To my mind, this framedrops caused by visualization of execution signals. Nothing to worry about.

Allright thanks… Cant turn the visualisation off though ?

Maybe this can help:

It doesn’t say anything about performance as far as I can tell; but it saves a lot of visible nodes

Looks interesting thanks. Cant make use of it for mine but ill keep it in mind for futher Projects… Thanks again :wink: .