FrameCapture - Screen Capture and Video Recorder

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FrameCapture is a C++ based library which lets you take snapshot of your game viewport at desired resolution, and record your in-game screen. You can adjust your camera’s depth of field settings to create beautiful photographic images. You also have an option to display your UI screen in your snapshot or video output. Enabling UI screen will capture entire game window and hence will also display contents which are not directly rendered by your game viewport. You also have an option of converting your game screen into texture and display as UMG image format, and load image files from your hard disc as texture.

  • Adjust Depth of Field Settings in real-time
  • Take Snapshots at desired resolution
  • Optionally capture entire window, with UI elements
  • Record and save in game video at desired framerate per second, with an option to record entire window, with UI elements
  • Save game screen as texture
  • Load Image files from hard disc as texture
  • Built in FileOpen and FileSave dialogue windows help select a file to load , and choose the output file location, respectively
  • Fully commented example Blueprints with Tutorial Blueprint included , for step by step walk-through, to quickly get you started with the flow

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Couple of questions before I’ll buy it:

  • Does it work in a packaged game? meaning does it take screenshots and videos and save it to a specific/common folder ( example on the desktop )?
  • I’ll be using it for VR gameplay recording…does the video recording kills the FPS quite a lot? from the video looks like that it runs at 12FPS while recording at 30…

Yes , I have specifically included link to standalone build for testing it out. For the video recording , yes it will kill FPS and the recording will not exactly be real-time , depending on the system of course, You can test it out yourself from the below packaged build.…

Thanks for the reply, I was thinking to use it together with the replay system, where basically the recording will happen after the replay is triggered, so it’ll be a kind of “postponed” video recording of a gameplay scenario, where the user do not need to wear the HMD and when the video is done a pop-up window ( or message ) will show where the video is saved…

It would be possible to trigger the recording binded to a replay event?

Yes. I have the tutorial blueprint set up that shows you how to initialize the video recorder and start capturing at desired FPS. You can bind the recording functionality anywhere you like. You can set a tick functionality to receive the time elapsed and stop the recording accordingly.

I just bought your program as the demo seems to be fine.
How does I activate it . I have done (Install to engine) and expect it to show up in the projects, but cant find your Capture program anywhere.

My screen is 1050 1600 can I record in 1080 1920?

Hi ,
Are you not able to see the FrameCapture content folder in your content browser ?


Hi. Is this plugin working with Android? So can I see the video output in the gallery?

Actually this uses dll which are specific to windows api

Oh I see :frowning: Thanks anyway.