Frame Synchronization ?

Our current game project needs rendering complex scenes in 4k and above resolution with 120fps (stereoscopic rendering, with each camera 60fps respectively) and then projected and blended into one single screen, and obviously this is not feasible with single PC since UE4 seems not friendly with multi-card SLI solution. We’ve managed synchronizing multiple game clients with UE4’s built-in network functionality, but the synchronization implemented is not frame synchronization, therefore the screen tearing is quite noticeable. So the frame synchronization is necessary but we do not know how to implement frame synchronization in UE4, We’ll be very appreciated if anyone could shed some light on it.

Hi 3dgo,

did you find a working solutino for the 120Hz stereoscopic rendering and would like to share it?
We’re also working on a project which requires quite the same functionality (120Hz/60 each with frame sync)

Would love to share ideas :slight_smile:


I’m not getting the idea of what your goal is, maybe you can shed some light on what you’re trying to achieve and someone might know a easier way of achieving that result.