Frame Rate

Hey Guys,

For the frame rate for a character animation to go into Unreal Engine for games … Is it 30fps or 24fps that I should be using?

(I believe video games is 30 fps and animation for rendering out a .mov file is 24 fps?) … is this correct?

If someone could specify that would be great thanks

Well your not framed locked but in most cases 30 FPS is the norm. I’ve done 120 but takes forever to import the animation keys

The frame rate in Unreal Animations essentially means absolutely nothing.
each frame is interpolated at runtime because the track data is literally just a bunch of vectors/floats.

this means you get almost no benefit between 120fps and 30fps. Almost, because with 120fps you have 120 keys, thus a much “finer” control over the position of things.
With 30, you would have 30 keys where the data is “fixed” so it’s less control then the 120 version, or even a 60 version.

The end results however are very similar, particularly if your original animation is Not keyframed at the same rate.

ah thanks for all of your help