Frame rate v shutter speed

In my quest for a smoother animation I recently read that the cameras shutter speed should generally be double the recorded frame rate.

This is is something I have never considered and wondered if anyone has experience of this?

Also does lowering the default motion blur contribute to a smoother sequence?


In UE4 the shutter speed only effects exposure, so if you want your video smoother then you would need to increase the framerate

So is it not a true physical camera? Would a faster shutter speed if you went to an extreme value give you a crisper but choppier sequence?

The “physical camera” name only refers to realistic exposure (only in terms of brightness) and camera controls. Trying to use it to control the motion blur or do long exposures wont work. Motion blur is a completely separate part of the engine, and a very rough approximation of how exposure and motion blur work in real life, because it is a VERY expensive effect to do accurately.

The motion blur at its default settings should be pretty similar to that 180 degree shutter or double the frame rate.

In your quest for smoother animation, try making the clip 2x or 4x longer than you want in UE4, render it out, and then in a video editing application speed it up. I’ve seen people do this with video games to make buttery smooth videos by recording replays at 1/2 or 1/4 smooth and speeding it up in post. Probably have to play with how your video editing application deals with having multiple frames in for 1 frame going out (I haven’t done video editing in years).

Thanks ZacD and darthviper107,

I realize now after jumping on my pc that those settings aren’t actually there and as you both correctly mention it’s more about the exposure.

One last question! Should your recorded sequence speed be the same as what is specified in the level sequence?

Many thanks