Frame Rate setup ?

Hello All,

So as I’m messing around with Unreal Engine and try to learn the basics that I need in order to make a Real-Time rendered animation using Blender I have a question related to Frame Rate:

If my character have a lipsync in Blender which I want to unreal and make sure that the sync will match to the animated character also in Blender, how I deal with it?

So let’s say the animation in Blender exported on 30 fps (FBX), Is there a specific way I can match it on Unreal so it will match exactly when playing Matinee?

or is it more complicated setup ?

The goal is to run a full animated scene in Unreal using matinee and export it to .AVI with sound.
I’ve never done it before, I’m very new to Unreal so any examples or video tutorials related to this will be very helpful.

Thanks ahead and sorry about my bad English.

You should have no problem importing and playing animations at 30fps. This page explains UE4 import options in detail:

Thanks Steve, I will have a look on the docs soon.
In a rough looks it looks complicated more than I think, but I will have to try for myself and do some tests. :slight_smile:


I think Unreal uses 30 fps as a reference value. This means if your set the frame rate in blender at 30 fps too, it will match with unreal fine (30 frames equals then 1 second). If you change the settings in blender, your animation will look right in blender but could be in unreal slower or faster, depending of which higher or lower fps value you used.

Thanks Otacun,
Is there a way I can make sure or setup UE4 to run in 30fps so it won’t skip frames while working on the editor.
I know that there is a 30 FPS choice on Matinee when exporting AVI file using the MOVIE button, so I guess it is for the export.
BUT what about real-time so I can WORK-AND-TEST my cinematic before send to render.

Steady FPS:
Even if it will change the FPS for a second, the all animation won’t match to the lip-sync or sound so I wonder if there is a way to setup the FPS in UE4 to make sure it won’t change ?

I’ve decided to make a simple test to see how it will work on UE4 is my goal.
I made this test, animated a few seconds of the default Blender’s monkey (the famous Suzanne) Lip-Sync rap,
also added a tiny “Head Banging” to match the beat of my song, I made it in 30 FPS inside Blender.

I’m wondering what is my next step, I understand that I need to export an .FBX
I already followed some tutorials, and my early test with a static-mesh (no animation) worked perfect with the right scale and rotation.

Now what?
I guess that I need to export the all animation in .FBX and import to UE4, it’s not a mo-cap but manually animated keyframes.
Not sure if I’ll be able to made it because it may be different than the static-mesh, I have no idea about this part…

The tricky part, since the original animation is 30 FPS, I want UE4 to play in 30FPS also and I want to import the AUDIO to see if the lip-sync will work on Real-Time also (it’s already too much for a noob like me but I must try!).

Do I need to do anything special in UE4 in order to do all the above guesses?
Importing the Audio… is it done in Matinee? using Blueprints?

As you can see I’m very confused, but at the same time very curious.

I’ll be to get any STEP-BY-STEP help how to do this so I can test in UE4, Thanks ahead! :slight_smile:

  • Sorry about my bad English.

My very basic Lip-Sync animated test in Blender: