Frame Rate Question

Does Unreal always interpret animation data as 30 fps, even when you change the frame rate in the level sequencer?

I have animation that I am importing at 24 fps. I load it into the level sequencer and I have it running at 24 fps. I want to export the animation as an FBX from the level sequencer to bring it back into Maya. When I load it into Maya it automatically adjusts to 30 fps, and when I change it to 24 all of my keys are on subframes.

Is there any way to avoid my animation to be on subframes when importing back into Maya?

just bumping this post to see if anyone also has a solution for this

Not sure with Maya,

As far as what I have noticed, the frame per second is handled by the engine and the interval of key-frames between animation spots is more of a “reference” then it is an exact math?
60 frames, in a 60FPS sequence doens’t solve to an exact second because of time dilation and frame loss - if that makes sense?

Hard question to answer as yet again it’s one of those things that is relative. If I author animations at 60 FPS and export at that rate UE4 will import the rate as the default if flagged in the UE4 importer. If the rate is to slow or too fast you can change the rate scale (aka it’s relative)

To get your head around it what’s faster? 30fps or 60 fps?

Since a second is a second the issue isn’t what is overall faster but how long the time dilation between 2 frame lasts.
In a 30fps environment the single frame will last approximately 33.333periodic milliseconds.
In a 60fps environment the single frame will last approximately 16.6666 milliseconds.

I believe that the engine actually interpolates the in-between of frames by smoothing the animation. OR else, an animation exported at 5fps would look like clay-motion… the thing is it doesn’t do that when you play it…