Frame Rate on iOS and 3d

So I have been testing the 3d side of things now and with 2d Side Scroller the frame rate is very bad 20-25 fps on my Ipad 4. Would there be settings I am missing too make it more suitable for mobile?

Seemed to fix it with removing some lighting and effects.

I’ve tried the 3d stuff on my and i’m also getting terrible frame rates. Tappy Chicken is running at about 40-50 FPS which is acceptable, but anything in 3d really doesn’t run very well.

I’d like to know if future releases are going to improve iOS performance in general for devices like .

Other people are also having similar issues:


UDK based Epic Citadel runs perfectly on my and I really wish that the engineering team would work on getting similar performance with UE4 on mobile devices.

Yea If I am correct there is something going on with the optimization the build’s. If you remove most things related to lights and stuff it will run some what smooth. But was no where near as good as it looked in the previews or UDK iOS deployment.

looking forward for more information about this question since our team working on mobile game.
we have start our prototype in unity and it’s show acceptable fps on ipad2 (25-30 fps)

Now we trying to move this prototype on UE to compare performance, i hope it will be at least the same.
There is not much information about optimization for mobile on UE - how to setup correct materials for example (there is special mobile pack of shaders in unity).
Another question (I’ve found a lot of them over the forum) - what features are not supported on mobile?
I found that one of them is decal system, and i’m wondering why? is there any alternative way?
Foliage system disappears in mobile preview - does it mean that is not supported?

Hope there will be special page or post which will gather all information and advices about effective mobile development.

Hey,you guys checked this ?

Yes, I’ve looked at as much of the mobile/iOS documentation that I could find. The real question I have personally is can we expect overall improvements in performance on mobile platforms? Even with following the guidelines and turning off ‘mobile HDR’ to put it in LDR mode, the frame rate is really bad for anything other than 2d sprite games like Tappy Chicken.

Will the engine be eventually able to scale down enough to run 3d scenes at a playable frame rate similar to the way Unity can run?

For example, the default demo that comes with Unity, called Angry Bots, runs perfectly on my:

As far as I know UE4 is unable to achieve this kind of performance with anything close to that visual quality on mobile devices that are anything less than the ultra latest ipad Air or Android/terga device.

Perhaps maybe it’s me and I don’t know what i’m doing(quite possible!!), but so far i’m batting zero on getting anything to run well other than tappy chicken on my.

What I do know, is the UDK Citadel runs perfectly on my iPad2 and i’m asking is there a way that we can have performance and graphical quality similar to this on mobile platforms. Or is UE4 to advanced to not be able to scale back for older hardware??

Would love to hear from the Devs on this please.

I share Admiral’s concerns, could someone please address this?

I did remember them saying they are optimizing the engine more for mobile devices older then 1 or 2 years old. At this stage nothing compares too UDK and its smooth setup for iOS. I seen the mobile demo preview but what is that running on too run that smooth I dont believe my iphone 5s could handle it.

When will we see more improvements for mobile devices and fps increases for 3d, at this stage I am still using UE4 for my mobile games but I am hoping for a fps fix soon. I can not release my game on 10-20 fps on a.

Here are some things you can do to make mobile run better.

In situations where you don’t really need lighting, like a 2D looking game where you materials are unlit, you can turn that path off by disabling the Mobile HDR under your Project render settings.

Also on the lower end devices such as an iPhone 4, overdraw is a big issues. Try to reduce that as much as possible. Also try to keep your draw call count down. If a mesh has 5 different materials on it, it will be 5 draw calls. You can also merge meshes to reduce draw calls, I did this a lot for Epic Citadel.
It is a trade off though because if any part of the mesh is visible, it is rendering ALL of it. Also make sure you Precompute Static Visibility under the Build Dropdown, if you making a 3D game.

Also, if you haven’t read over these docs check them out.

Thank you very much Shane.

If you will permit me, i’d like to make a formal request:

**Can you guys port the epic citadel to UE4 and put it on the marketplace so that we can study it? **

If you guys could make the UE4 citadel, put it on the apple app store, android marketplace, and the UE4 editor marketplace, that would be most excellent.

That would give non-subscribers a chance to check out a real tech demo on their own mobile device, and also give us subscribers a chance to see how a highly optimized fully 3d scene should be constructed and configured for maximum performance/quality.

In making a game, to me, visuals are second to playablility and performance. So far we don’t have an optimized example of mobile play-ability and performance with exception to Tappy Chicken which runs well.

If you can do what you did with the UDK Citadel, you’ll have a real winner with UE4 as a highly competitive mobile game development platform.


Thanks Shane! I totally agree with Admiral and join his request.

I agree, Admiral’s request would be very useful