Frame rate-independent root motion

Hey there,

I can’t help but notice that root motion appears to somehow be framerate-dependent. We have a simple dodge animation with root motion and during frame time spikes (actual or simulated, e.g. with setting t.MaxFps to 3), the character travels a significantly longer distance than when the game is running smoothly.

Is this a known problem? There are a number of fairly complex layers to peel in this code before I can fix the problem myself, so it’d be cool to discover it has already been addressed. :wink:


Turns out it’s a bug which I have fixed in the following pull request:


Has this issue been resolved? The link does not work, and I have the same problem with 4.12. (I am planning to update my engine version soon, so if it works with the newest one I would be already more than happy).

Edit: sorry for the stupid question. I just checked the 4.13 release log, and this bug was fixed there indeed.



Hi there,

The link should work, but you need to have your Epic and GitHub accounts connected.

You should know, however, that Zakk Middleton of Epic settled on a different fix and that it has made it into 4.13.


Got the same issue on 4.16, I got a roll movement with root motion and the distance traveled is significantly higher on low frames config, that also make weird moves, like roll towards to an edge of a platform and instat teleport the player to the bottom of the ground under the platform.

Did they rollback this fix or something?