Frame rate independent Add Torque value

I am trying to create a physics based airplane and I need the add torque node on every tick. The problem I have is that the plane turns slower on low fps and faster on high fps. I tried to multiply the torque value by the world delta second but now the plane turns faster on low fps and slower on high fps. I would need to know if there is a better way of doing it.

Well, this is embarassing… I solved this by myself by changing the tick group to ‘‘During Physics’’ into my pawn details… I hope this helps some people in the future

Hi , a same issue . What means “During Physics” ? AddTorque working in FPS 60+ , but in FPS 30 , it likes no works

I want “AutoBalance” a 2 wheel vehicle , the Mesh simulate Physice → true , Mesh->AddTorgue() , in FPS 30 don`t work -_- , How do this ?


well , I find “During Physics” , but … , I think i need more message

If you look in the class defaults, you can set the ‘‘Tick type’’ to During Physics. I think It will auto calculate the tick rate.