Frame rate independence!!!!

Yo guys! My character moves slower and slower as the graphics improves, can someone tell me how can I make the movement of my character independent form the number of frame? Is this about the event tick right? Thanks!!!

you need to multiply your velocity with DeltaTime before applying it to your location.
NewLocation = OldLocation + (Velocity * DeltaTime)

Could you be more specific? i’m new here i’m struggling to get my character moving faster, thank you so much man!

Basically what @Raildex_ said. If you are moving your character (say a vehicle) by using a specific value (say Float of 20 every Tick). You want to use the node “Get World Delta Time” and multiply this value to your movement value. This will apply the same movement delta per tick (frame) no matter your actual framerate.

If you are using the default Character BP that comes with the Thirdperson template then you dont have to do this.

Got it! thank you so much guys i’ll try it now!

This doesn’t work when using AddMovementInput to move your pawn. It will always be effected by the framerate regardless of whether you multiply it with the delta or not.