Frame Rate Drop when Move to 2014

I used 2012 July and would build a package and get a locked frame rate at 62, all good.

I then moved to 2014 May and get a frame rate for the same scene that is just over half then what I got in the 2012 build.

Old forums are still down and I saw a post in google where someone had similar but obviously can’t read it, bah.

Anyone got any wisdom as to what root cause could be?

Are using the same DirectX version in both?

In my case using Dx11 instead Dx9 the framerate is the half (so the game is using Dx9).

Yes its using DX9.

I suspect I may be forced to go through a painful exercise of deleting assets, rebuild light, test and try again to see if there’s a particular issue with a mesh that 2014 doesn’t like but 2012 can handle.

What windows are you using?(did you change it)

Use same PC, I have both 2012 and 2014 installed on the same PC and can alternate between either version. On 2014 I get a frame rate far lower after I package and install (or run on PC from UDK) then if I repeat the process on the 2012 version. In 2014 I have copied the maps and code straight from the 2012 UDK to the 2014 UDK without changing anything.

And the config files? Perhaps you have modified something in the old version and needs to modify the same in the new.

I’m using UDK since 2013, never used previous versions, but I haven’t seen significative loss of performance between versions.

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I had updated the config files beforehand as well as there are game specific settings. Be nice if the old forums were back, as I mentioned earlier there was a thread with a title that indicated the guy had exactly the same issue.

Interesting to know Cobalt you’ve had no drop when you’ve tested it as you have large landscape maps as well (I think).

I found something like this yesterday (reading from cache ) but it wasnt resolved.Do you by any chance have steam running in the backgound?If so turn it off and try udk.

For me Steam has been logged out and it does it. I tried from run on PC and also when I’ve created a package and installed a game directly onto PC and run from the install.