Frame rate difference between clients when one is focused

Hi all,

We have recently moved from windows 7 to 10 (very late I know) and have found that when displaying two clients on the same machine and focusing on one, the other client’s fps drops dramatically e.g. the focused window was at 50-60 fps and the non-focused window was at 5-10 fps. And if neither of the clients are focused they run at similar frame rates.

The current setup is using a dedicated server and then connecting two clients on a computer with two monitors that each need to display a client.

This was not a problem in Windows 7 (which balanced the fps for both clients), and only happened on Windows 10. This may be a windows question but I wanted to check if anyone had the same problem and had a solution.

I had also seen the GPU hardware acceleration scheduling, but we are using a windows version before version 2004 so there is no options for this.

A sort of workaround has been to reduce the max fps of the focused window (e.g. down to 25-30fps) and then the other window runs at a reasonable rate. But feels hacky and really annoying to do each time, so would really appreciate any help or ideas to try.

Thanks in advance.

Try this and see if it helps: Go to Editor Preferences -> Performance category and uncheck Use Less CPU when in Background option.

Sorry I should have mentioned that I already tried that, but the problem is happens when the project is packaged, so this setting doesn’t help.