Frame preview.

When starting the game while paused, there is a Skip Frame button on the panel. It is not convenient for me to click on it with the mouse. Is it possible, for example, to force the game to show the next frame when pressing the spacebar?

Do you get something when you mouse over it?

You might be able to set something in the editor prefs -> shortcuts.

Understood nothing.

  1. Usually, when you mouse over a control, it will tell you if there is short cut.

  2. There are plenty of editor options for specifying shortcuts, maybe you can set one up for this button…

I need to watch the values of the variables in every frame when starting the game. I want to control the frame change. I can do this with the mouse on the panel by clicking on the Skip frame button, but then the window with the game is not active. And if the window with the game is active, then the Skip frame button is inactive. And I don’t know how to accomplish what you are writing about.