Frame accurately drive a skeletal animation via a media texture?

Hi all,

I’ve just started diving into Unreal and loving it! Of course I’ve probably started off trying to do something way more complex than my capabilities:

I have a skeletal animated character that I’ve brought in via FBX, and a video texture that I want to play on it. That much I have working great. The catch is that the effect I’m going for requires the two to play in frame accurate sync, i.e. frame 12 of my video will only look right when mapped onto frame 12 of my fbx animation, etc.

To try to achieve this, the fbx has animation keys set on every frame, and the animation asset has been set to “step” interpolation so it should always evaluate to a specific keyed pose.

Further, I’ve tried to set up a blueprint wherein it queries the media texture player to find out where it is in playback at every tick, converts from milliseconds to seconds, and then set the skeletal animation compontent to evaluate to that specific point in time.

Everything plays back, but the sync appears to be extremely fuzzy (it appears to be up to a second out of sync at times).

I’m attaching a screen grab of my blueprint in case anyone can see anything super obvious I’m doing wrong! Thanks for any help anyone can offer!

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 10.45.02 AM.png

2 linear actions that you are trying to make drive each other. They are linear, and therefore do not need to drive each other. Why not just start them at the same time