I’m not sure if this is the best place to post this info, but we’ve just put our game up on Steam Greenlight. All of the info on the game is in the link, but most importantly we’ve made the game using UE4 and absolutely love the engine!

We’ve also been running a blog on the development of the game, if anyone is interested to know more.


It would be great to hear anyone’s thoughts on the game, and it would be even better if anyone liked the game and decided to give us a Yes vote for Greenlight.



Just thought I’d add the trailer here :wink:

That looks crazy stupid fun and amazing. When is it coming out and what platforms is it coming out on?

Looks Awesome!

Should be out Q2 2016, initially on PC but we want it on everything :smiley:

woah! looks and feels insanely fun, yes!

Getting in on this! Very cool!!

This could be very fun to play, looking great too, reminded me of Fusion Frenzy on xbox that i enjoyed very much!

Just added a couple of in game shots to the Screenshot Saturday! thread.

Does anyone else have real issues adding images to posts? Only two of my images would actually upload properly, which is a real pain as I had another 3 I wanted to share. :frowning:

Voted yes on Greenlight if for no other reason than your trailer. Seriously, THAT’S how you showcase a game! It definitely wins 1000 first impression points. Looks awesome.

Hi, we livestreamed some of the team playing Fragmental on Twitch yesterday. You can see the whole thing here - warning, contains lots of excellent fragging gameplay and swearing.

We’ll be livestreaming it again soon and at a time more convenient for followers in the US to join us live. Watch out for updates.

EPIC, love the 80ies Arcade Style, that just Rocks :slight_smile:

looks awesome, love the music

+1 more please thanks :smiley:

I’m going to buy that

This is siiiiiiick. When are you dropping your mixtape- I mean demo?

Wow this looks amazing!!!


We just recently got through Greenlight - so thanks to anyone who voted for us.

As for a release date, we’re hoping to get something ready for release Q1 next year, but this is just a high level goal rather than a concrete plan.


Confirmed for 3DS? :smiley:

Looks really cool!!! Can’t wait to play it.