Fracturing Pawn

Hello, Community!
I’m new to blueprint and I’m trying to get around the following:
I want to, upon overlap with a trigger volume in the scene, replace a rigid body that’s acting as the player pawn, with a destructible version, and the proceed to add damage, particle fx, impulse, etc.

Impulse is easy, the radial damage is fine, communicating with he level BP is fine, but I don’t know how I will replace the rigid body with the fractured mesh. (UE4 fracture type, not 3rd party).

I can have a destructible mesh component, but when placed at the center of the pawn BP, where the ball currently is, it interacts physically and makes the ball fly off… I have tried setting it to “ignore pawn collision only”, but it does not fix the problem. Entirely replacing the rigid body gives it funky collision and rolling it around is not smooth… Please help!!!

Thank you!!!

If you don’t require the pawn after the destruction effects then you could just hide it, set it to null collision and physics and then spawn the destructible mesh in it’s place and apply the effects required.

Something like this?

I created a separate mesh using the player mesh and gave it it’s own skeleton, then removed all the constraints on it. Applied a dissolve effect and put it all into a blue print which is spawned in the actor location as it hides and destroys the player.