Fracturing Mesh Crash

Every time I would fracture a mesh it would freeze. I decided to try it from a different project. Now UE4 completely crashes at 99% of “Processing Sections”. Is there a way to fix this?

Hi Shallonge,

This is likely to happen with Destructible Meshes largely based on the complexity of the mesh and if it’s setup with the intended workflow of being used as a Destructible Mesh.

There are several reported bugs in with crashes that are caused by using overly complex geometry as DMs. In order to know for sure, I’ll need your call stack copied to a Text file and attached here. I’ll also need your Machine and Epic IDs that appear at the top of the call stack included with that file or simply pasted in your response field. If you’ve submitted the crash reports I’ll be able to pull your crash up in our system to know for sure.

Below is a link to the Destrucitble Troubleshooting and Tips Guide I wrote for the Wiki to help in situations like this: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums

This is linking to the limitations of using Destructible Meshes and how they should be setup to avoid errors. This page also has other helpful tips and questions that have come from the community too.

If you’re unsure about the mesh feel free to post details about your mesh like, Number of Triangles, Number of materials assigned, whether the mesh is fully closed or separate geometry, along with any screenshots if you are so inclined.

Let me know.