Fractal Fury - the first online shooter with strategic dismemberment

Hello everyone.
I am pleased to announce the project I am working on.

Fractal Fury is the first online shooter with strategic dismemberment and it’s an attempt to bring something new to this genre.


  • engine - Unreal Engine 4
  • third person
  • max players - 16
  • max players in one team - 8
  • release date - 2021

Game modes:

At this moment there are 3 game modes:

  • Team Deathmatch - timeless classics
  • Capture the Flag - 5 rounds, 4 minutes per round, one life per round. Kill all enemy team players or capture the flag and bring it to your base to win the round.
  • **Hardcore **- 5 rounds, 3 minutes per round, one life per round. Be the last avile player to win the round.

Dismemberment system

The player can play as robot and can lose head, both arms, both legs and torso. Every robot has a core. A core is a robot’s heart, health and energy source.

To kill an enemy you must destroy it’s core. To destroy a core you firstly have to destroy body armor / torso. You can either destroy a core or exract it.

It’s better to immobilize your enemies and extract their cores that just kill them. Extracted cores give you and your team huge advantage.
You can create energy shield and instatly heal yourself and repair your body.

This is where dismemberment system appears:

Shoot their legs off to immobilize them.

Shoot their arms off to make them harmless.

[SIZE=12px]Extract the core[/SIZE]

Behaviour after limbs loss:

  • After loosing head - controls are inverted
  • After loosing one arm - player still can shoot but can’t reload his weapon
  • After loosing both arms - player lose your weapon and can’t shoot
  • After loosing torso - body armor is destroyed and enemy can destroy or rip out your core
  • After loosing one leg - movement speed is lower
  • After loosing both legs - player can only crawl

What to do after limbs loss:

  • use extracted core to heal yourself and repair your body
  • run to your team’s base and use repair station

Also there are destructible covers and simple single player with hordes of zombies.

The game is playable but not finished yet. Fractal Fury will be released at the beginning of year 2021.

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Hi @a13xff

Any game with dismemberment gets my vote! The Strategic Dismemberment makes sense and looks fun, but are there mechanics to influence the use of certain strategies? I can easily see myself just going for legs, arms, head, torso respectively.

it’s no so easy) yes, there will be different strategies