Fractal Data Systema 4d. This was an answer within Unreal Documentation feedback.

Since images are fragments of a whole image, all that user has to do is locate the matching option. You may say that this is counterproductive, but firstly its visual (+retention) then animatable (+attention) if you set straight line, towards horizon, first slide is first image, can be a widget and text can be easily copy pasted into 3d widget or regular ui. The way, initially developed, was a pawn moving between these points alike along the slide. Simple AF. The Image and text, can be within a few clicks loaded into the data table. That data table can then be used to generate a bp, which would spawn the data in a sequence, like you display in your website (path top-bot) BUT instead you clear the clutter and let users’ eyes focus on the target point. Picture, description. Now i hope that if anyone would find sense in this will and use, please let me know, as i have a problem with this exact bp since i sat in this chair 1 year ago.

The obvious issue is you either have to overlay it on your unreal engine, or run a second engine along just for it… or simply using one of the plugins and accessing the second viewport. What I describe is also known as character selection platform or item selection platform which is widely used in games. But I can see Data operations. And this is the core of project PSI ARC. Will add an artstation link, where you will ONLY see my platform bp… lol I seek not fame, but skill that is sufficient for the plan to be visualized and shared, in an entertaining manner so funds can be acquired. You don’t have to do the fog and Niagara vortex as a 3d widget, simply 2d ui will do the trick.

But if we are to replace gray side bars of old 2dimensional websites with either fireflies or target scatter (theme related static meshes or whatever) we either can make the image so appealing, that our sight will stay within the frame. Meaning it will theoretical prevent mind from wandering since natural reaction occurs, alike during TV watch (brain phase shift) but instead of exploiting potential of Beta Brain frequency and flooding ID with irrelevant choices between non essential commodities or wtf there is, we might use this distraction to slip an image (ue4 key lesson) into the brain and therefore may potential increase the retention rate of data. Any kind of data. I assume that we can further bypass one of the encryption stages (verbal/text) that is inferior to image. As well as the fact that word or letter or symbol is actually an image. Less beautiful.

We are talking about the Real Engine, and am not calling for the revolution and removal of language. The point is, we use words to decipher the image so we can understand it. I think its a waste of time, as well as resources of our rising brains