FPV Drone controls, how can I add expo curves to controller inputs?

Hello, I’m currently researching how I can add some expo curves to my controller inputs, this is needed to recreate how real fpv drone inputs are controlled. Very precise expo curves are needed to allow fine control of the craft during acrobatic maneuverers.

I’ve had some success with using the expo function but it seems I can only use very limited varibles with it and really I need a visual curve that I can control the expo with. I have some math references of how this should be built taken from a drone flight controllers code, this has been implemented into other games but by using C++ but i’m no coder and was wondering if there’s a blueprint way of plugging this all together.

Here is the code ref:
public static float CalculateDegSec(float input, float rate, float grate, float usecurve) {
float setpoint = input;
float RPY_useRates = 1-Mathf.Abs(input)grate;
float rxRaw = input
float curve = rxRawrxRaw/1000000f;
setpoint = ((setpoint
curve)usecurve+setpoint(1-usecurve))( rate/10f);
return Mathf.Round(((2000f

To see the curve graph visit here:

Any help most appreciated :slight_smile: