FPS Zombie Apocalypse MMORPG

Looking for a team to design, create and publish a MMORPG Zombie apocalypse First Person Shooter. Just in case you don’t know what Royalty pay is, it’s where you perform the tasks at hand and do your part that you agree to do. If you complete all assigned tasks and assignments then, when the game is published and making money, you will receive your royalty pay. How much is still undecided and based on the particular job you perform.

If you wish to participate, here is what we need.


Concept Artists.


3D Model Artists. ( Both Architecture and Organic )

Environmental Artists.

Content Decorators. ( Your job is to populate the world with small objects such as telephone poles, mailboxes, furniture, etc. This job takes no skill other than comprehension to computer terminology )

If you’re interested please reply immediately. The sooner we get started the better.

Wow that is finally a fresh game idea.
You could put some survival mechanics in it, to make it groundbraking, perhaps stamina and thirst!

Not sure if I’d categorize it as ground breaking. It’s been tried several times before, however its not about the genre. It’s not about the graphics and it’s not about the company that makes a game. What sets great games apart from other games is the functionality, the users freedom along with a vast availability of tools to create a unique environment every time a player logs in. I’m not sure if you were going for sarcasm or being serious but either way I will tell you what makes a great zombie mmorpg.

1st thing and most importantly, player customization. Everyone enjoys playing games that have a way for them to implement their own ideas into the game world. However, for some reason, game developers decided to create games with either player customization and nothing else. OR A large amount of missions / quests, with a really prolonged story line and no customization. Now the most in depth a customization feature can go, is as far as the developers allow it to. So if we focus on a method for players to create their own ideas in game, then instead of coding possible outcomes, we need to code tools for the players to create their own outcomes. Say you want to make an assault rifle. Some games would program an assault rifle as the outcome of a barrel, a handle and a weapon chassis. However, the outcome will always be the same, over and over and over again. Why do this? It is such a waste of potential. Our goal is to code the materials to produce items based on what that material does. Say we have an AR-15 weapon mold, with iron ingots that we smelted down from a previous weapon or harvested out in the mines which Iron would give the weapon X amount of durability. However, we have a long range barrel mold with steel ingots that we retrieved, Now you have a decent firing mechanism (AR-15 chassis) with a long range barrel. Now you have a really accurate but less durable assault rifle. Of course other material will be able to be applied to get a different result such as solvents and minerals. So with this feature alone, our zombie mmorpg would be set into its own category, because game developers (such as Daybreak or Hammerpoint) find it important to have simple items in the game, with simple zombie AI and simple features such as starvation and dehydration. Then they focus all their strength into PVP and little focus goes into the Online portion so now we have a huge mess. A call of duty style zombie game that fails miserably because players are hacking the **** out of it. So why go through the effort to make a failed game? To make a quick buck? No, not me. Not my soon-to-be-company. We are focusing on game play, functionality, freedom and ANTI-HACK. So if you were being sarcastic then shame on you, but if you were being serious then great! We like supporters and possibly some extra help. So feel free to PM me to get more details about the game and what we plan to bring to the table.

What is your role in the project and what makes the difference to other Z games?
Are you willing to pump money into project, if yes how many?
Customization is nothing important for me personally, if possible i always go weird as pink bunny or something.
I would not buy a game because of customization, only if full weirdoness would be possible.
If you buy allars shooter template / zombie pack and inventory, then you have a prototype.
You are talking about making money. Do you have a company / domain?
How do you plan to get rich/money?

I noticed that most of this kind of thread starters are 12 yers olds so try to ignore them