FPS WWII Era Weapons from Ironbelly Studios

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Hey folks! Around this time last year, we asked the community whether they would be interested in weapons from the WWII era. You guys and gals said YES! We’re happy to share that we have our first WWII weapon up on the Marketplace: the Animated MP 40.



*Let us know in the comments which other models from WWII you’d like to see in the future! *

**FAQ’S: **

  1. Are the first person arms compatible with the Epic standard rig?
    Yes, there is an extra bone that won’t transfer over but also won’t cause any trouble or errors. The arms are also interchangeable with
    any weapon pack purchased from IB.

  2. Will you be releasing WWII weapons in 3-packs?
    Maybe - we’ve gotten some feedback from folks that purchase one weapon before we’ve released a 3-pack. We completely understand
    the frustration and are working hard to get the 3-packs up as quickly as possible to give you more options. That being said we do not know
    how well WW2 weapons will sell so we are going to wait until we have some sales data before investing in another 2+ weapons. We are
    also adding all kinds of good stuff in the 3-packs like extra animations, attachments and extra functionality with future updates planned that
    include texture variations!

*3. Are the animations in the demo the same that are available in the weapon pack? *
Yes, the blueprint folder in the weapon packs has the same animations we show off in the demo video.

4. Can the weapons be used in 3rd person?
We include 3 LOD meshes of each weapon so you could just use LOD2 and reduce the texture resolution and/or simplify the shader for your third person game.

All of our guns are game ready with 3 LODs, multiple meshes, 4k textures, and come with a free set of rigged and animated first person arms!

Got something special you want? Head over to www.IronbellyStudios.com to request a quote!

We’ve got word the weapon of choice from the Second World War, the MP 40, will be hitting the Marketplace next week. The ‘worn’ look fits in a modern FPS or a project set in the time of the deadliest conflict in human history. We’ll be posting more pics as we get closer to launch. Let us know if there are any other WWII weapons you’d be interested in seeing.


Sign me up. Do a Thompson too, if you get a chance.

That’s a great idea, with a nice drum mag to boot. We are really crossing our fingers that this mp40 sells well so that we can go gung-ho on more WW2 weapons.

Well, if you want it to be WW2 I’d at least make the drum mag an option. It really wasn’t used in the trenches. It’s more of a 1928 Thompson thing. Most of the ones used during the war were the M1 models, which had a box magazine.

Source: a guy making a WW2 game.

Good to know, perhaps you coudl commission us for some of those other guns you are after, at a big discount of course

Very excited to see the MP40 up on the marketplace, can’t wait to hear your guys’ feedback: Animated FPS MP40 Pack in Weapons - UE Marketplace

Have another look at this beaut over on Sketchfab where you can get up close to see some of the details we used to make this aged addition to your arsenal fit right in to your WWII era project:


Any of theese https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/1f/f5/71/1ff57127c6ab6b9d191753d2b6ae5a87.jpg

Nice suggestions there, thanks for that

Any news on new weapons?

Unfortunately the sales haven’t been quite high enough to warrant a big push into more WW2 just yet. Actually weapon sales in general have been down lately so it’s hard to devote too much time/energy when they don’t cover the cost of the ramen needed to sustain us :slight_smile: That being said, if you or a group of people were interested in partially funding some weapons we would be very keen to go in on it with you all as weapons are our biggest passion. Well second biggest passion next to eating

However if enough people are interested in WW2 weapons we might be able to put something together. If you need WW2 weapons please email me at info at ironbellystudios.com and let me know which guns you want. If enough people email me we might be able to make something happen. Thanks!