FPS Weapon Pack

Hi everyone!

We have just submitted a FPS weapon pack on Trello so please take a second to vote for it! We have uploaded all weapons on sketchfab so you can take a closer look. Please note that the pictures on trello is old and the shotgun has the wrong size, we have notified Epic about this. Thanks for your time!



FPS Weapon Pack by Ulfen on Sketchfab

FPS weapon pack


Short description:

12 weapons with alternative textures and Fx. Rigged and optimized for FPS.

Long description:

This weapon pack is optimized for first person combat games and contains 12 weapons (shotguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, handguns, knife, grenade). Alternative textures are included for all firearms and some textures have support for custom color, size and position. All weapons are rigged for animation, have Fx and tris count range from around 1500 to 11.000.

Technical detail:

Intended platform is desktop.

All weapons have a static mesh and a rigged skeletal mesh ready for animation.

Weapon textures are 2048x2048, grenade is 1024x1024 and ammunition ranges from 256x256 to 512x512. Alternative textures have the same size except for tiling textures that are 512x512.

1 master material and 27 instances all with albedo, normals and a materialmask (roughness, metalness, occlusion).

Assault rifles and submachine guns range from 4500 to 11000 tris. Shotguns, pistols and misc range from 1500 to 4500 tris. Ammunition range from 30 to 200 tris.

looks loke the weapons from gta V :o exactly! But i gues its alright :3

I’ve purchased a few weapons packs, so can I suggest a few things before you get them on sale:

Can you make sure that any optics glass has a separate material for the glass itself, so it can be replaced with a render to texture material.

Can you make it so that any sights can either be removed or collapsed, ideally with some optional scopes/sights as part of the pack itself

Can you make sure that everything is modelled down the X axis and that you have a bone at the grip with no rotation on it, in fact can you make sure you’re bones are all without rotation so that things can be added relative to them without being skewed.

Ideally, I’d like to see a set of matching arms/hands, just to complete the pack. Seeing as there are no arms packs already out there.

Looks amazing. Good job!

One suggestion: Make a model of the MP5 without the built-in flashlight

Ah, I haven´t played GTA V yet so I wasn´t aware of that. Thanks for your feedback, we´ll see what we can do.

Hi jagpatrik. Voted! Very Pretty. Perfect for a FPS Call of Duty meets Monster Hunter… Please consider making ALL the materials customizable. This will allow a plethora of visual customizations with a non-modular asset. The more visually radical the better. I could not resist purchasing the T-Pose Zombie2 due to ease-of-use and variation this feature provided.

Is it as easy to set up for TPS, as FPS, if it is, I will buy it. :slight_smile:

Although these aren’t useful for my project, they are very good quality models for a reasonable price :smiley: If i have need some modern weapons I will def. look into this :slight_smile:

good models at a good price, I would purchase but would need scopes/sights/rails, for which I would gladly pay more.

Thanks for your votes :slight_smile: The weapons works fine with TPS but they are not optimized for it so they can have some unnecessary tris.

Our weapon pack is approved for the marketplace so we just wanted to write an update and thank everyone that voted on us, thanks for your support!

I recently purchase your weapon pack and there is something that I am wondering about. Shouldn’t these weapons be facing down the X+ axis and not the Y+ axis? Normally I would just re-import an asset like this and turn it during import but how would you do that with purchased assets?


There is an issue with AK47 rigging - is it possible to fix it?


We added an extra set of all weapons facing the X-axis so now you can choose both X and Y. The issue with the rigging is now fixed. We have sent the update to Epic so it should soon be available.
Thanks for notifying us about the problems!

Thanks! Looking forward to the update!

Oh nice! I noticed this also when rigging up reload animations.
Thanks for responding and please keep up the great customer service!


Looks like you need to disable “Emmiter Initial Location” in shells particle effect if you want to spawn lot of them.