FPS Wall Running Bug, The Character stops running when he gets on some walls. Need Help

So I’ve been trying to create a wall-running script on Blueprints and well I’ve got it working but I’ve ran into a certain problem. The wall-running seems to be working fine however if I jump on certain walls then the wall-running script just doesn’t work. I’ve been using this following Youtube tutorial series to do the wall running with: Unreal Engine 4 - Advanced Wall Running Tutorial (1/5) - YouTube
I tried to find the reason why that was the case even seeing if the wall collision is on for all the walls that I’ve designed but that doesn’t seem to be it. I don’t suppose the wall running is set so it can only react to certain walls (if looked through the tutorial). I assumed it was dependent on the direction of the gravity + the wall made in the map for the wall running script to work appropriately. I can send any Blueprint screenshots you want but I’ve worked the tutorials verbatim to the given youtube playlist.