FPS view

I come to you because I have some problems to do a FPS game.
I have downloaded the ''Animation Starter Pack" from the Marketplace, and I try to make a FPS view. So, I create a blueprint, with player mesh and camera , but I don’t know where place camera to have a FPS view. I have try many locations, but if I see character’s arms, I see also his body while he’s running; and if I don’t see his body while running, I don’t see his arms.

My blueprint : ( I know the capsule component is not set correctly, I will do this after )

How can I do ?

And I have another question, how attaching weapons to my character ? I have an inventory system, with grab and drop, so he can grab weapon ( one weapon = one blueprint class )

Thank you :smiley:

Have you tried using the First Person Shooter Template project that comes with Unreal? It has all this already set up. Even if you don’t want to use all their pre-made stuff, you could still pick it apart and see how they made it.

Thank for your answer. I have tried the first shooter blueprint template, but the character have only two arms, and I want the whole body, so I tried to replace arms by a whole body, but I don’t know where to place camera. I have also tried the first person shooter game, but the project is mostly in C ++.

Hi Ziquall,
That’s strange , i was thinking in same feature these days, a full character with FPS camera like Mirror’s edge to be able to view legs body equipment.
I was thinking in having some empty object to handle the crosshair , and have the character and camera as a child objects with the camera mounted in front of the eyes.

I did the same thing and the animation starter kit works fine. First export the character and delete the polygons you don’t want. I deleted the head. Leave the bones and weight mappings alone. Re-import him and put the camera where the head should be. Easy as Apple Pie.

You will also need different anims so that when the gun is held, it’s from the shoulder and not from the hip.

There’s a animation pack in the queue on the market place that is for two handd weapons. Have a look to see if it has guns being held in that position.

The shadows of your character on floor and walls won’t be good , and looking in some mirrors on the level it won’t look good either. Also if you use cinematic or quick TPS view switch for specific actions, you should better keep a whole character with camera just in front of the eyes.

The pistol animations work fine if you blend them with the walking animations correctly. As far as shadows and mirrors go I could care less there are no mirrors or reflections in my game where that is an issue. Shadows are an issue for developers. The average player could care less about perfect shadows. If that were the case half the successful indie games out there would have been failures. Make a good game, with a good story, and some solid gameplay leave the tiny details for when you have the budget and the staff.

Indeed you can game FPS game with arms only like many AAA FPS games; the full body character is more suited for advanced FPS views like Mirros edge game or needing to switch from FPS to TPS like Skyrim.