FPS - varies whilst game Paused

I notice when I test my game the frame rate varies from 60 FPS and will drop to 10 FPS. It does this even after I have paused the game.

Any ideas what could be causing this as this seems somewhat odd. In the attached the game was paused yet the FPS drops. You can see how the the frame time and frame sync time from the stat engine vary greatly, the game was paused when I took these images (pausing does not stop the stat commands from running)

Think its related to Nvidia Geforce experience

Are you testing with a cooked version or running in the PIE?

Testing based on “stats” can only tell you that a problem is occurring but not so much as to the root of the problem.

For that level of testing you really should be using “profiling” using a proper procedure.

If you follow the guide the profile should point out what’s causing the problem.